Monday, May 29, 2006

Spraying time

Spraying starts at the beginning of May, and continues till the middle of August. There's usually at least one spray to be administered every week, and one day I'll buy a tow-along spray for the tractor. Till then, I'm stuck with the bright yellow back-pack which holds 20 litres at a time (and of course weighs 44 pounds full, so it's important to avoid breaking your ankle on the potholes left by wild boar). To spray all 150 rows takes about 9 hours, usually spread over 2-3 days and avoiding rain showers, as it has to be re-done if it gets rained on less than two hours after spraying. May's spraying is "sandozebe", which is a fungicide, and "kumulan", which is pure sulphur and prevents infestation by tiny spider-like beetles. As we've had more rain this year than last, we've started earlier and have already done 3 sprays of kumulan and 2 of Sandozebe.


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