Monday, May 01, 2006

Weeding Time

Now that the twigs are out of the way, we can see how tall the weeds are growing. Apparently it's not a problem unless they reach the bottom wire (about 18 inches high) then they can pass diseases on to the vines. Ours are already taller than that in places - it's rained a lot more this year than last already, so they need clearing.

Last year Jules and I mowed between each"pied" with the garden lawnmowers, which was a lot of effort, then put weedkiller down to discourage further growth. This year we'll do it differently, putting the weedkiller down first and then mowing between the rows with the Renee the tractor and Renato the topper. Renato, unfortunately, is only 1 metre wide, so the cut is a lot narrower than the gap between the vines. That leaves quite a lot of space where we have to spray weedkiller, so it's taken me about three weeks to finish it.

But look how neat the rows look!

Daresay the weeds will all be back in a month or so if we get more rain, but at least it's another step done. And Renee is sick again - she keep exploding the radiator hose which I've cobbled together - you just can't get Renault spares in France. She does well for her age though - 43 this year!


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